All about us

Wylie & Lochhead was established in 1829 by two brothers-in-law, Robert Wylie and William Lochhead.

The business came into its own in 1832 during the major epidemic of Asiatic cholera, where a majority of funeral directors refused to handle the deceased, meaning Wylie & Lochhead took care of a majority of the funerals.

Wylie & Lochhead established themselves within the Glasgow community as a compassionate and high quality service providing care and support to clients in their time of need.

“We believe Wylie & Lochhead to be Glasgow’s oldest funeral director.”

In 1956, Wylie & Lochhead established Glasgow’s first purpose built funeral home at Southwood Drive, Kings Park. Up until this point Funeral Directors premises were known as Funeral Parlours.

The Kings Park Funeral Home was designed to feature modern private Arrangement Rooms, and Chapels of Rest. The building also featured new garages for the funeral fleet, a large car park and a new mortuary.

“For generations, Wylie & Lochhead have always been there to care and support the community of Glasgow in their time of need and continue to ensure that the highest level of service is provided.”

In 1987, Head office was relocated to the Kings Park following changes within the city centre, parking restrictions and the changing demographic together with the difficulty of clients getting into the city centre.

Our head office became a centre for excellence where many Embalmers now practicing in the West of Scotland gained their qualification. Many Funeral Directors also gained their professional qualifications and all have very fond memories of their time spent with Wylie & Lochhead.

We are very proud to have also carried out many funerals in Glasgow. Wylie & Lochhead were asked to arrange the funerals for the victims of the Cheapside Disaster and The Ibrox Disaster.

“We at Wylie & Lochhead are very proud of our heritage and strive at all times to be the very best.”

During the anniversary of the Cheapside Disaster last year Wylie & Lochhead produced a commemorative plaque which now has pride of place in the city of Glasgow on the newly refurbished Clydeside Walkway.